Safe, Stable, Nurturing Families and Homes

Parents are their children’s first teachers; a positive environment and rich parent-child interactions have an immense impact on child development.  Children benefit when their families are involved in their learning and development.  Children are always learning and that learning is strengthened when families and other community partners work together for the well being of children.  Children thrive in environments that have predictable routines, discipline with dignity, have developmentally appropriate expectations, and model positive ways to communicate and manage feelings.

Research shows that children exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as abuse, domestic violence, household substance abuse, and other trauma are at significantly greater risk for negative academic and social outcomes in school and later in life.  Research also demonstrates that the brain’s development can be physiologically altered by prolonged, severe or unpredictable stress – including maltreatment – during a child’s early years.  Such an alteration in the brain’s development can, in turn, negatively effect the child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth.  Additional information about ACE initiatives in Iowa can be found on the Iowa ACEs 360 website.

Our priorities for this result:

Prevent child abuse and neglect and increase supportive parenting skills.
JCE/ECIA supports parent, family and community education including home visitation services and programs that enhance the parent/child relationship.
We work with other community organizations (e.g., Prevent Child Abuse-Johnson County and Community Partnerships for Protecting Children) to increase awareness about child abuse prevention and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  Additional information about child abuse prevention in Iowa can be found on the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa website.

Increase families’ healthy informal networks of support and utilization of appropriate community resources. 
JCE/ECIA supports group-based parent education and informal support.
We work with partner agencies to link families with services to address parental issues of depression/mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, disability, low educational attainment, or unmet basic needs.

Current funded programs that address this result:

Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County – Parents As Teachers

United Action for Youth – Young Parent Services

Infant & Child Safety

Coordinated Intake

Additional resources:

Iowa Family Support Network

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