Member Responsibilities and Job Description

The Johnson County Empowerment board operates within the larger State Empowerment Board structure.  Specific responsibilities for Johnson County Empowerment board members are outlined below, but it is important to understand that the responsibilities outlined here are within the general, State of Iowa defined Empowerment board responsibilities (link).

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Johnson County Empowerment Board members shall:

  • Set overall policy direction for the Empowerment Area, including the approval of annual plans, fundraising efforts, budgets, and projects/activities.
  • Collaboratively work with other Board members and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive system of service and supports for children and families, assuring these are linked, complimentary, and not duplicative of other efforts within the Empowerment Area.
  • Participate in on-going monitoring and oversight of the plan.
  • Work within the members’ own organizations to secure support for and carry out Board recommendations and decisions.
  • Serve as liaison to community members within the Empowerment Area to promote the Empowerment Board.
  • Participate in the assessment of the 1) unmet needs for children and families in the community; 2) ways to reduce duplicative, bureaucratic requirements; and 3) ways to expand community resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local education, health, and human service programs.
  • Advocate for sufficient resources to fund community plans.
  • Participate in the identification of state-level changes that are needed to support community-level reforms, and advocate for those changes with appropriate governmental agencies and/or the legislature.
  • Attend and participate in all regular and special Board and committee meetings and provider leadership as required

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