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The Johnson County Empowerment Family Support Program provides ongoing, individualized in-home services to families with children 0 through 5 years. The goal of the program is to ensure that young children are properly nurtured and stimulated in safe and healthy environments so that they are ready to learn and succeed when they enter kindergarten.

Participating families will:

  • Learn more about how children grow and develop
  • Learn new discipline and child guidance skills
  • Know what to expect at each stage of child development
  • Engage in age appropriate activities for children, especially language and literacy activities
  • Use nurturing behaviors, including the use of schedules and routines
  • Be able to identify and access community resources
  • Build social support and decrease stress

A Family Support Counselor is assigned to each family accepted into the program. The support counselor mentors each family and conducts home visits that allow parents to learn and apply skills in their home environment. Families are encouraged to participate in parent education activities sponsored through the Johnson County Empowerment Area.

To find out of you qualify for this no-fee program, check the income guidelines below and the eligibility  guidelines on the referral form.

طلب برنامج دعم تمكين الأسرة FSP FAQ and Referral Form Arabic
Candidature au Programme Empowerment de Soutien à la Famille FSP FAQ and Referral Form French
Solicitud para el Programa de Apoyo “Empowerment” para el Fortalecimiento Familiar FSP FAQ and Referral Form Spanish

You can complete the Family Support Program Referral Form  and send or email to:

Income Requirements

In order to meet the income requirements to be eligible for this program, a family’s gross (before taxes) monthly income cannot exceed the following:

Household Size

Yearly 200% of poverty Monthly 200% of poverty
1 $25,760 $2,127
2 $34,840 $2,873
3 $43,920 $3,620
4 $53,000 $4,367
5 $61,360 $5,113
6 $71,160 $5,860
7 $80,240 $6,607
8 $89,320 $7,353
For each additional person add $9,080 $   746

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