Board Selection Process and Application Information

Board Membership is open to members of the public who are not employed by a provider of services to or for the Board.  Membership is also open to elected officials.  In addition to other interested individuals, Board membership must include individuals who represent the interests of business, education, faith, health, and human services.  The Board must also include at least one individual who is a consumer of services provided through JCE funding.

The Johnson County Empowerment Board values diversity of opinion and believes diversity enhances and enriches the culture of the Board, its conversations, and the decision-making process.

Selection  Process

Board candidates are presented to the Board by the Nominating Committee and elected by a vote of the Board. Terms are generally three years in length, with no more than 2 consecutive terms.  Board officers and committee chairs are selected by a vote of the board.

Application Information

Before applying for board membership, candidates are encouraged to read and consider the Board Member Responsibilities and Job Description.

To apply, send the following to the Nominating Committee, care of the current committee chair:

  • Application Form (most recent version available at the bottom of this page)
  • Short 1/2 page biography

Questions about the board, the application process, responsibilities, etc. can also be directed to the chair person of the Nominating Committee.

Attached Files

Board Membership Application - Cover Letter
BdAppCover09.pdf (64 KB)

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